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Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas for 2021

While many homeowners focus their attention on interior holiday decor, giving your home’s exterior a festive upgrade will ensure it’s a showstopper the moment friends and family pull into the driveaway. We talked with lifestyle blogger Liz Marie Galvan to get her top outdoor holiday decorating tips.

Outdoor holiday decor 2021: What’s trending?

Before diving into the logistics of color schemes to match your siding, let’s take a look at a couple of general trend forecasts for the 2021 holiday season. 

Natural Elements – Like we’ve seen in years past, natural elements continue to be a top trend for holiday decor. Incorporating elements such as pinecones and garland helps create a warm and inviting vibe. Consider mixing pinecones, twigs and bark-like textures around your home or adding them to ornaments hanging on your Christmas tree. Nestling pinecones next to candle lanterns will create a more rustic feel, and adding vibrant evergreens to your front porch is a timeless way to tie in this trend and add a little bit of color to your home's exterior.

Metallics - The age-old rule that warns against mixing metals is a thing of the past. While gold certainly had its moment in 2020, silver is making a re-entry into holiday decorations with its cool-tone shine. From jingle bells to tinsel, these metallics are an unexpected combination that work to balance each other out.

Why your exterior holiday decor color scheme matters 

The face of your home is its exterior, and the holiday season provides an opportunity for creative expression this holiday season. Getting a head start on planning for the holidays will help you achieve a cohesive and festive look that is reflective of your style.

In addition to creating a uniform look, "the most important thing to take into consideration is the climate and weather that your home is located in," says Galvan. It is important to choose what will hold up and withstand different weather conditions given the unpredictability that winter weather can tend to bring.

Ideas for decorating for the holidays in your exterior color scheme 

1. Keep It Cohesive

"It is always great when you are able to bring the outside in and the inside out to make your holiday decor cohesive with the rest of your home decor and style," suggests Galvan. Before tackling your exterior holiday decor, take inventory of your interior style. Do you lean toward classics such as greenery paired with red decor? Or is your style more rustic, incorporating neutrals and natural textures? Whether its bright and colorful or modern and minimal, knowing your holiday decorating style will help inform your exterior holiday decor.

2. Neutral Siding + Pops of Color

Lighter, more neutral siding such as LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® in Snowscape White, Desert Stone and Sand Dunes is an excellent base for playing around with holiday colors. Consider attaching red bows to your wreaths, or venture into colored lights for a playful exterior. 

3. Dark Siding + Neutral Decor

If you have darker siding such as LP SmartSide ExpertFinish shades Abyss Black or Cavern Steel, opt for lighter, brighter neutrals to finish off your holiday look. White and tan are great options to pop against deeper colors. There are so many variations of white holiday lights available from icicles to bulb lights, and using them to outline your home's perimeter will make your structure stand out. If you love greenery and want it to pop against your darker exterior, choose flocked garlands and wreaths. For a bolder take on flocked greenery, add a flocked Christmas tree to your front porch.

4. Blue Siding + Gold Accents 

Not ready to part with gold? We get it. Pairing gold accents with muted, moodier blues, such as LP SmartSide ExpertFinish in Rapids Blue, is a unique way to incorporate colors beyond red and green. Dress up your home's exterior with gold garland. For a more subtle take, add gold ribbon to any wreaths you may hang on your door or windows.

Now that you have these top outside holiday decorating ideas for 2021, it's time to get festive, break out your decor and start stringing lights. Happy Holidays!

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