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High-Tech Home Design Goes To The Dawgs

Last September, LP Building Products reached out to McCar Homes in Atlanta to build a home for one of its highest profile clients to date...

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Certifiably Green

EW: What does it mean to be "SFI-certified"? RW: Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification delivers assurances of good forest management at every lin...

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Whole Lotta Shaking

After two weeks of brutal testing on top of the world’s largest earthquake shake table, the seven-story NEESWood Capstone Test Tower in Japan is sending shockwa...

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Don't Build An Energy Dud

All too often, architects and homeowners will ignore the simple solution in favor of a new technology that promises the world...

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The 2 $ Billion Bug

When a living organism escapes its native environment, it can sometimes leave a deadly trail on other continents...

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Builder Trends

The Ultimate In Affordable Low-Energy Living New research into the most advanced building technology, products and techniques will help evaluate the market viability of low-energy homes...

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Facts & Figures

Wood is … 4 times more efficient as an insulator than cinder block 6 times more efficient than brick 15 times more efficient than concrete 306 times more ...

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