LP® SmartSide® Remodeler Spotlight: Bobby Bastin, Renovative Building Group

Builder Uses Latest LP® SmartSide® Smooth Product to Preserve Historical Charm

The Business

A 36-year industry veteran, Bobby Bastin, co-owner and president of Renovative Building Group in the Greater Nashville area with partner Robert Brooks, is all about living up to the company name. “We have the word ‘renovative’ in our name, and that’s exactly what we strive to be,” says Bastin. “We’re big on brands that offer a variety of new, innovative products—like specialty siding products—to set us apart.” Case in point? LP® SmartSide® Smooth Trim & Siding.

The Build

Located in a prime historical area just outside of Nashville, Bastin embarked on a re-side project to preserve the charm of a nearly century old Bungalow-style home. With both the homeowner and the local historical society eager to protect its original exterior, Bastin knew LP SmartSide Smooth Trim & Siding was the perfect choice. "I love the texture and versatility of LP SmartSide Smooth Trim & Siding," says Bastin. "In this case, we used the product over the entire exterior to preserve its historical roots."

"As contractors, some manufacturing companies like to tell us how to do our jobs. With LP, they take the time to ask us questions, listen and incorporate feedback. I'm a relationship guy, so that goes a long way for me."

The LP® SmartSide® Advantage

The industry-leading warranty, aesthetically appealing look, advanced durability and relationship-driven approach makes LP SmartSide Trim & Siding the clear choice for Bastin over competitors. "LP is always listening to the consumer to deliver key products to address their needs, and the addition of LP SmartSide Smooth Trim & Siding is just one more example of that."