LP® SolidStart® LSL Used as Stiles and Rails as well as Solid Door Blanks for European Door Manufacturing


DPW Te Paske bv, established in 1894, is one of Europe's leading suppliers in the timber processing industry. By their estimates, they provide semi-finished products to nearly all inner door manufacturers in Europe.

The company is located on 4,5 hectares and maintains an enormous inventory of timber from suppliers around the world.


The door production industry in Europe requires that suppliers meet rigorous demands in terms of height and width of the products provided—this is no different for door stiles and rails.

Additionally, there are strict requirements in terms of moisture content. Products must be dried to within eight to ten percent moisture content. A consistent product, in terms of quality and efficiency, is also valued in the door industry.


According to Sales Director Marten de Jong at DPW Te Paske bv, his company began using LP® SolidStart® LSL boards over three years ago.

"LP looked like a dependable organization with huge experience in the engineered wood products industry," he said. "The quality of their LSL product was superior to the previous alternative we had."

The company cuts and planes the boards before shipping to the door manufacturers, ensuring the exacting tolerances of width and thickness are met.

According to de Jong, the product is being used in high doors, fire doors, climate doors and anti-burglary doors. LP SolidStart LSL is known for its strength and continuous quality in the building industry, and that makes for a better, stronger door.

Production people are comfortable using the product, and de Jong said the LSL product does not have timber's typical problems of bending and knots. The lack of these imperfections results in a higher yield and less waste.

LP SolidStart LSL is manufactured in thicknesses from 29mm to 90mm and in a large billet measuring 2,5 x 19,5 meters, so it is ideal for high quality, technical solid door blanks as well.

Workers are able to use the company’s standard metal saws to cut the product, so no special equipment or training is needed.

LP SolidStart LSL also offers additional solutions. While de Jong said there are some uses in which LVL may be a credible alternative, LSL is the most flexible solution for almost all needs. It far exceeds LVL in terms of climate doors installed in moist conditions and has better fastener values as well.

A final benefit is in dust reduction. "When using timber, you always have dust in your production," de Jong said. "With LSL, dust is reduced to a minimum when cutting and planing it."


According to de Jong, the customers are very satisfied with LP SolidStart LSL, and production people are happy with the reliability of the product. The product does not bend, and it has no issues in regards to swelling or shrinking. It is certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), which promotes good practice in the production of timber and other forest products, so it is environmentally sound and backed by a full Chain of Custody (COC) through the PEFC and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI).

De Jong also sees a future use for the product, saying that it can be easily laminated with hardwood. Due to the lack of availability of hardwood in Europe, he said customers understand they should use hardwood for aesthetic purposes only, allowing LP SolidStart LSL to take over the technical values such as stability.

Finally, he summed up his reason for using the product in four simple words: “It’s the perfect solution!”