Expansive and Intricate Custom Home Design Implements LP® SolidStart® LSL for Strength, Straightness and Stiffness


With a focus on creating custom homes with extreme attention to detail as well as high quality products and customer service, Ennis Custom Homes recently completed a 5 500 sq. ft. guest home and is currently working on the 18,000+ sq. ft. main home. Both homes are located on a 28-acre estate, and the main home includes an indoor pool and greenhouse wing. Construction of the main home is set to be completed in Spring 2017.

Brad Ennis, owner of Ennis Custom Homes, has worked in the construction industry for over 31 years. His goal is to help his customers create a dream home that will reflect each buyer's vision of what makes a house truly a home. He chose to use materials from LP Building Products to provide solutions that would create a lasting, quality home that could be easily engineered.


For the Carmel build, Ennis and his team were tasked with building a large, complicated home with beautiful design elements. From grand circular staircases within modern turrets to arched and domed ceilings, the homeowners were seeking an aesthetically unique home. In such a large, complicated residential structure, the builder needed a product that would provide a structural component and engineering capabilities. Ennis chose to use LP® SolidStart® LSL, which installs like traditional lumber but surpasses it in strength and consistency. The builder also chose the product for its low moisture content to prevent shrinkage.


Ennis worked with ProBuild/Carter-Lee Lumber Company, a large Midwestern supplier, to specify building materials for the build, and Wyatt Construction headed up the labor team. Having successfully used other materials from LP Building Products in previous builds, Ennis chose to use LP SolidStart LSL and LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing. For the pool wing, Ennis and the homeowner selected LP products due to their quality, consistency, and cost efficiency compared to concrete masonry units (CMUs) that the architect had originally specified.

LP SolidStart LSL was also used entirely throughout both the main home and guest home for wall and roof framing. LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing was used for the roof in both structures as well to lower attic temperatures and improve the energy efficiency of the homes.

According to Eddie Wyatt, the owner of Wyatt Construction, LP SolidStart LSL works especially well in walls, specifically in long applications. "We like the straightness, strength, consistency as well as the square edges and ends."

LP SolidStart LSL is known for its strength and continuous quality in the building industry. It is manufactured in thicknesses from 1-1/4˝ to 3-1/2˝ and in lengths up to 64 feet. LP SolidStart LSL provides engineered strength that allows for greater design flexibility, which is particularly important in homes that have large spans.

“We would recommend it to anyone for walls, especially tall walls and situations where long and consistently straight walls are required,” said Wyatt. “We noticed LSL offers superior compression strength versus dimensional construction lumber and stays much straighter.”


Because of the concern around moisture exposure, Ennis was pleased with the low moisture content of LSL to control shrinkage. Wyatt's framing team did not have to replace any studs in either home due to performance issues such as twisting, warping or cupping. In total, the build required three-and-a half trucks of LP SolidStart LSL and two trucks of LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing.

The framers on the project had never used LP SolidStart LSL, but soon became accustomed to using the product and ended up loving its ease of installation. "We absolutely believe it's an upgrade to standard solid lumber," Wyatt explained. "We have not replaced one stud, ceiling joist or rafter in the whole project and that certainly says a lot. The 48-foot lengths that were shipped for our wall plates, ceiling joists and rafter stock also saved us lots of time and minimized waste."

"The technical specifications for LP SolidStart LSL and LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing are unsurpassed," said Ennis, who has been working with LP products for over 20 years. "The structural and environmental components that LP SolidStart LSL offers the builder over dimensional lumber is absolutely outstanding." Ennis predicts the structure will stand the test of time and is confident that his company will continue to use the product in the future.