January 18, 2018

Riding Out the Weather: Mountain Bikers Put LP Legacy® Sub-Flooring to the Extreme Test

Second “Tested Extreme” expedition showcases strength and moisture resistance of LP Legacy premium sub-flooring.

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada (January 18, 2018) – Under the cover of heavy rain, two professional mountain bikers, a team of videographers, and LP product experts trekked through a muddy British Columbia rainforest for a unique new adventure: putting LP Legacy® premium sub-flooring to Mother Nature’s—and extreme sports’—ultimate test. Pro athletes Ollie Jones and Kevin Landry built ramps using LP Legacy panels, then showed no mercy as they rode, jumped, and pounded through a torrential storm to showcase the strength and moisture resistance of LP’s premium sub-flooring.

The expedition was the second in LP's Tested Extreme campaign, designed to differentiate LP Legacy sub-flooring and showcase its premium performance in a unique way. In the first test, panels were sent over a 70-foot waterfall and left to soak in the wake overnight.

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LP Legacy sub-flooring is APA-rated with the highest bending stiffness and is one of the strongest sub-floor panels in the industry. Packed with more resin, wax, and wood strands and made with Gorilla Glue Technology®, the sub-floor boasts superior moisture resistance that prevents edge swell. It carries a class-leading “Covered Until It’s Covered” no-sand warranty, as well as a Lifetime Limited Warranty that lasts as long as the home.

"LP Legacy sub-flooring offers unparalleled strength and performance, and that's what we wanted to demonstrate in these expeditions," recalls LP Business Marketing Manager Lorraine Russ. "Builders of course expect durability on the jobsite, and you couldn't get any more intense than mountain bikers launching themselves 20 feet from ramp to ramp and landing on our boards. We asked them to put it to the test, and they did."

Professional mountain bikers Jones and Landry jumped and landed on the panels more than 50 times. Despite the continual pounding and the rainy conditions, the panels did not split and showed no signs of swelling. "LP asked us to treat the ramps as we would any course, to hold nothing back," Jones said. "It was fun to see how well the panels held up under those conditions."

"This obviously isn't a typical sub-floor application, on a ramp of a mountain bike course in British Columbia. But that's really the point-if these panels can withstand these extremes, imagine how they'll perform under tough jobsite conditions," stated Brian St. Germain, LP's Director of Business Quality & Technology.

Watch the mountain bikers in action and see behind-the-scenes footage from this one-of-a-kind video shoot at www.testedextreme.com.*

LP Legacy is another example of LP’s growing specialty product selection designed to meet the growing demands for better engineered building solutions, as well as creating distinct value for customers. 

To learn more about LP Legacy and for complete warranty details, visit www.LPCorp.com/Legacy.

*Dramatization. LP Legacy is for interior sub-floor applications only and is not designed for unprotected exterior use as shown. Yes, we know the ramp is sick, but do not attempt.


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