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Exterior Home Color Ideas with Lasting Appeal

Choosing colors for your home can be a difficult decision. You may be deciding between the basics or an out-of-the-box combination. You may want to stand out with trending exterior house colors but without leaning on a brief style craze. And considering your home's style and your region's characteristics can add even more factors to the mix.

To help you decide, we’ve put together a simple guide to popular siding colors that you can count on for lasting appeal. And by using LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding you can rest assured that your siding will look beautiful, withstanding the passage of time.

Standard Siding Colors: Using Neutrals for a Rustic Look

Your neighborhood is likely full of homes that rely on neutral colors for their main color palette, and there's a reason for that! Neutrals may seem boring, but they encompass many interesting colors and can be used to create a rustic look for your home.

For engineered wood siding styles, neutrals can be more than the traditionally thought of browns and grays. LP's Canyon Brown or Tundra Gray from the ExpertFinish color collection takes you far beyond just neutrals. A light color that skews toward yellow, such as Shoreline Cream or Sand Dunes, can also be considered neutral, as well as Prairie Clay. These colors don't necessarily catch the eye like a dark blue or bright red would, but they add interest by taking "neutral" to the next level with a unique prefinished color. They can all be easily complemented by other exterior colors, exterior décor and more.

Modern Design Examples: Black on Black 

Do you live in a more contemporary area of the United States, such as a larger city, or in a neighborhood with unique designs? You might consider this emerging trend as a home siding idea: all-black siding. ExpertFinish color Abyss Black is the perfect choice for getting this bold look with the durability you expect from LP SmartSide products. 

As far as modern design examples go, black on black siding may be the height of contemporary approaches to siding, but it offers interesting opportunities to complement the home's exterior with bright colors in other places. For example, add landscaping and flowers to bring brightness to the home, or decorate the porch with white furniture that stands out.

White on White: The Modern Farmhouse Siding Style 

It’s not hard to find modern farmhouse siding these days, which means it's a trend that is here to stay. ExpertFinish color Snowscape White is a great crisp option for those looking to re-create this style on their home. This color is also available in vertical siding and trim, which is key for achieving the board and batten style—a great option for a modern farmhouse.

More Engineered Wood Siding Styles 

Here are a few more combinations we love when it comes to siding design ideas:

  • Neutral colors with white trim: This pairing is especially common in West Coast residential areas.
  • Bold blues with white accents: If you live in a coastal region, this combination will be common and help you connect with the seaside vibe.
  • Darker neutrals: In colder climates darker colors, such as deep browns, may connect well with a cozy look and feel. Shades of red may also be a good choice for these regions.

Using a Siding Visualizer Tool

Still not sure about home siding ideas? A siding visualizer tool can be especially helpful. The LP SmartSide Home Visualizer Tool allows you to experiment with types of siding, colors, accents and more. You can upload a photo of your own home or choose an image of a home that most closely matches your home's style.

This tool makes it easy to swap out colors and textures so you can get an idea of what each combination may look like before you start your siding project. Additionally, when you have a style you like, you can take your ideas to your contractor and start conversations about how to bring it to life.

Side With One of the Most Durable Siding Solutions on the Market

Not only does LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding offer beautiful color options, it remains a durable option you can count on. Engineered to offer superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites thanks to the LP® SmartGuard® Process, LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding is a great choice for applications in any state or region. 

Interested in digging deeper? Check out more details about LP SmartSide Trim & Siding's durability and ExpertFinish colors.

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