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An Ohio-based plastics manufacturer was the first company to produce vinyl home siding in the 1950s. Early versions of the material suffered from color variation, fading, cracking and buckling. With continued development, manufacturers were able to develop vinyl formulations that lessened many of these problems, and the popularity of vinyl siding quickly grew due to its low maintenance requirements and affordability.
Curb Appeal9 min
Color Combinations for Unusual Roof Colors

We’ve looked at LP® SmartSide® house siding color sets for brown roofs, as well as gray and black roofs, but …

Curb Appeal11 min
Fresh Color Palettes for a Gray or Black Roof

Gray or black roofs present many exciting exterior design ideas that can give your home clean, updated curb appeal. We've covered how to ma…

Outdoor Living7 min
He Shed, She Shed, Episode 4: "Green Acres Goes Pink"

LP is pleased to support the FYI Television Network’s exciting new DIY design series, He Shed She Shed! What used to be a…

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The Scoop on Potting Soil: Dos & Don'ts to Help Your Plants Thrive

As the winter chill fades, it’s a great time to get a jump on spring by creating your own container gardens to decorate the porch, patio or…

Outdoor Living7 min
He Shed, She Shed, Episode 3: "Into Space!"

On the April 16th episode, hosts Luke Barr and Sarah Ferrell help two homeowners find their perfect backyard escape with a unique outdoor s…

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See What You Can Build with LP® on FYI's He Shed She Shed

When you build a shed with LP® products, you can unleash your creativity and make it so much more than a shed. That’s the id…

Curb Appeal11 min
Fresh Color Palettes for a Brown Roof

Choosing the exterior elements of your home in the proper order can help you get the aesthetic you want for your home. Every exterior eleme…

Renovation7 min
What is Your Shed Style?

Style is personal. That’s why sheds built with LP® products are such a great option for your storage needs: a storage shed c…

Renovation3 min
What to Look For in a Shed Dealer

If you have decided that an outdoor structure is the solution to your storage and organization needs, you're making a great choice! A quali…

Renovation10 min
Choosing Color for Your Home’s Exterior: The Order of Things

Choosing color for the exterior of a home isn't just about the paint colors. Every element on the exterior is a color, and every color must…

Outdoor Living5 min
How to Sow Seeds Indoors for Your Garden

Growing plants from seed is a fun and economical way to grow your own vegetables and flowers. By starting seeds indoors under controlled co…

Renovation6 min
Five Things to Know Before Buying a Shed

You know you want a shed. Before you speak with a shed dealer about buying an outdoor structure, there are a few important factors to consi…