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The Undertones of Beige and Gray

It’s important to identify the undertones of any neutrals you plan to include on the exterior of your home, and how you should use neutrals with the same undertones to achieve a cohesive color scheme for exterior siding. Now, let’s examine which undertones to look for in both beige and gray neutrals, some of the most popular siding colors.

Beige Neutrals

Beige or tan neutrals can range from creamy off-white to dark brown. The undertones of beige neutrals may be yellow, pink, orange/peach, or green. You may sometimes notice more than one of these undertones, but if it's truly a beige, you won't see any other colors emerge beyond these.

If you find a beige you think you may like, our LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish Trim & Siding collection of prefinished colors includes a few beige tones to choose from as well. Determine which of the following your choice most closely resembles:


Beiges are considered warm neutrals and are best paired with brown or black roofs, NOT gray ones. Beiges are good choices when your home features brick or warm stone; they're a good red brick and siding color combination. If you do have stone, it needs to be similar in undertone to the beige in your body color. See how it might look by using the LP SmartSide Home Visualizer!

For a neutral and cohesive look, choose a light and a darker neutral with the same undertone on different siding options, like a combination of LP SmartSide lap siding and cedar shake siding, vertical and horizontal lap siding, or even varying widths of horizontal lap siding.

Gray Neutrals

Gray neutrals can range from light gray to almost black. The undertones of gray neutrals may be blue, red/violet, or green. You may sometimes notice more than one of these undertones, but if it's truly a gray, you won't see any other colors emerge beyond these.

Quarry Gray or Tundra Gray from the LP SmartSide ExpertFinish set are great options if you're looking for a gray you may like. Determine which of the following your choice most closely resembles:


Grays are considered cool neutrals and are best paired with gray or black roofs, NOT brown ones. Grays are good choices when your home features cool stone and colored siding. If you have stone and would like to use LP SmartSide ExpertFInish siding in Quarry Gray or Tundra Gray, the two elements need to be similar in undertone.

Pairing a light gray and a dark color with similar undertones creates a harmonious result. The image below shows siding in LP SmartSide lap siding in a dark blue paired with stone that has a blue undertone:

Get More Tips on Color Palettes for Exterior Siding

Still having difficulty grasping the undertones? Many people have difficulty identifying different undertones on the front end of building and remodeling decisions, which is why seeing how colors work together in sets can help. Check out the LP SmartSide ExpertFinish color collection for 30 no-fail color palettes. You can also use our home visualizer to explore more colors and home siding ideas!


Note: All photos are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer regularly to for correct and up-to-date product installation instructions.

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