Bransom Homes Uses LP® FlameBlock® Sheathing in Townhome Area Separation Walls and Roof Deck Application


Bransom Homes is a family owned and operated residential real estate development company headquartered in Burleson, Texas and servicing surrounding areas across the Metroplex. As a business, they are committed to providing an exceptional personalized experience along with unsurpassed service and value. Bransom Homes is proud to provide innovation, elegance and sophistication from all standpoints: design, environmental soundness, and solid construction.

For a townhome project, Bransom Homes recently used LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing in a UL Design No. U350 (Type A) assembly for a 2-hour partition wall that is fire-rated on both sides. They also used LP FlameBlock sheathing in a roof deck application.


Bransom Homes Superintendent Jake McWhirter and his team had previously used an assembly with 1-inch shaft wall liner for area separation walls. They had run into issues with this assembly due to its weight, complex installation, and damage on the jobsite.

The team at Bransom Homes was introduced to LP FlameBlock sheathing from a local LP sales representative in a meeting alongside the City of Burleson Code Department and local supplier Quarles Lumber.


After hearing about the performance and structural benefits of LP FlameBlock sheathing, McWhirter and his team decided to make the switch. LP FlameBlock sheathing was used in the interior walls, exterior walls and roof deck of 16 townhome units in Heritage Village, a new quaint community of homes conveniently located in the thriving area of Old Town Burleson.

According to McWhirter, the job went smoother and faster with the use of LP FlameBlock sheathing. "The FlameBlock goes in just as fast as sheet rock. The fact that it can be used in the roof deck makes the job so much easier."

He also found that his local sales rep, Brannon Henry, was attentive throughout the entire process. "It has been great working with Brannon," said McWhirter. "He stays on top of everything he does for us."

Besides LP FlameBlock sheathing, the project also featured LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring and LP® SmartSide® Trim, Soffit and Lap Siding.


When completed in June 2017, the Heritage Village townhomes will offer reasonably priced 1920s inspired cottage style homes that are directly attached to more than 20 acres of developing community park space and miles of bike trails, along with easy access to I-35. Varying in sizes from 1 500 to 1 800 sq. ft., they offer tall ceilings, granite countertops, one or two story options, open floor plans, attached garages, as well as many other upgrades.

Because LP FlameBlock sheathing meets code cost effectively, builders and developers like Bransom Homes can reallocate resources to amenities that will differentiate their project from the competition. McWhirter plans to continue using LP FlameBlock sheathing in future townhomes and as a sales pitch for customers.

The local code official was also very impressed with the product and asked that an LP FlameBlock representative reach out to another local builder to promote the product. The code official requested a lunch-and-learn to introduce the product to other code officials. According to LP FlameBlock Marketing Development Manager Randy Trussell, "The code official was so impressed with FlameBlock, he will begin to suggest it where applicable in Burleson."