Zicka Homes Uses LP Legacy® Sub-Flooring for Strength and Stiffness in Custom Home


Zicka Homes is the largest custom home builder in Cincinnati, with nearly 50 years of experience creating beautiful homes and communities. They design homes for today's buyer, with open floor plans, functional private and public spaces, and amenities that make a home worth coming home to.

In July 2017, Zicka Homes President Julie Zicka used LP Legacy® sub-flooring on a 3 300 sq. ft. custom home. Though it was the first time she’d used the product, she was impressed with the moisture resistance, ease of installation, durability and reliable warranty.  


LP Legacy sub-flooring uses Gorilla Glue Technology® for one of the industry’s strongest, stiffest sub-floors. The homeowner, Ted Fitz, is the Vice President of Research and Development for Gorilla Glue Company, a leading manufacturer of high quality adhesives designed for the toughest projects and repairs. Their success is built on Gorilla Glue’s incredible strength and waterproof hold. The same adhesive technology that makes Gorilla Glue perfect for The Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth® also makes LP Legacy sub-flooring one of the strongest and stiffest you can buy.

Zicka Homes believes that collaboration with the homeowner is paramount, so when Fitz suggested that LP Legacy sub-flooring be used on his home Zicka had no hesitancies about using it.

“We are building a home that we plan to live in for the rest of our lives so it is important to us to use products that we know will stand the test of time,” said Fitz. “Seeing the benefits that a good sub-floor can have for our builder, such as water resistance and easier hardwood installation, were attractive to us because we are on a tight timeline to finish our home and delays due to sub-floor would not be good.”

Fitz played an integral role in developing the collaboration between Gorilla Glue and LP Building Products.

"Before we decided to build our home with LP Legacy sub-flooring, my first job as head of R&D at Gorilla Glue was to make sure the product was worthy of the Gorilla name, which is something we take very seriously. We collaborated closely with LP on testing and ongoing quality, and Gorilla Glue is proud to collaborate with LP on this product. Once we decided the product was worthy of the Gorilla name and performs to our expectations, using it on my home became an easy choice."

Zicka had previously worked with another sub-flooring manufacturer but was open to trying the new premium sub-flooring. "I was looking for a great warranty, price and product durability," said Zicka.

What sets LP Legacy sub-flooring apart is its leading proprietary design values, qualified by APA Product Report® PR-N127. The resins used to make LP Legacy sub-flooring bond wood fibers at the molecular level for premium performance, and the high density makes it ideal for hardwood floors, tile applications and large homes that may be exposed to the elements during construction.


LP Legacy sub-flooring was installed on both the first and second floors of the home. According to Zicka, the sub-flooring was easy to install and was extremely solid.

During construction the site was hit with a rainstorm, but the LP Legacy sub-flooring held up to the moisture. Strategically placed notches at the ends of the panel allow rainwater to drain during construction. A clear edge-seal protects against edge swell while also allowing enhanced visibility into the quality of the strands.

One of Zicka’s main requirements in a sub-flooring is that it has a substantial warranty. LP offers a unique “Covered Until It’s Covered” No-Sand Warranty on its LP Legacy sub-flooring, as well as a Lifetime Limited Warranty that lasts as long as the home. For complete details, see the LP Legacy Lifetime Limited Warranty.


The home will be completed in December 2017. This was Zicka's first time using any LP product, but she is now considering using LP Legacy sub-flooring on another project to see how it performs. "I will consider using it, especially on the bigger houses where it doesn’t get dried in within a month.”