Schauman Construction Company Finds Durability, Ease of Installation with LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring


Schauman Construction Company is a family owned and operated business now under its third generation of family leadership, according to the company’s president Dave Schauman. With more than 50 years of experience in residential framing, the company has seen its share of sub-flooring products. As a contracting company, Schauman Construction frames for multiple builders and often uses products selected by those builders. But after working with LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring, Schauman Construction now recommends builders look into the product because of its durability and ease of use, explained Schauman.


In October of 2011, Schauman Construction began work on Churchill North Apartments, a multifamily development composed of 130 units of three different sizes-1150 square feet, 1600 square feet, and 2000 square feet. They wanted to find a family of sub-flooring products that had the durability to stand up to cold Michigan winters, while offering strength and ease of installation during the summer months.

LP TopNotch 250 and 350 Sub-Flooring products were used in the floors, and LP OSB Sheathing was used in the roof and walls.


"We experience some horrible winters in Michigan. Products often sit on our jobsites in colder months, freezing and thawing and then freezing again. When they finally get fully thawed and dried, they can flake or fall apart," Schauman said.

But with LP TopNotch 350, Schauman said he doesn't have to worry about the product falling apart in the winter months. "You can tell when you walk on TopNotch. It's solid. In winter months, there's no doubt in my mind what I'm using."

While the three Schauman Construction framing crews have come to rely on LP TopNotch 350 Sub-Flooring to combat the Michigan winters and the freeze/thaw conditions that come with them, they have also learned they can rely on the whole LP TopNotch family of products all year long.

"My crews feel TopNotch goes together easier. It's more consistent. They notice it lays flatter than other products we've used in the past," Schauman explained. "You can have a couple units sitting, waiting for you to get to it, and it's still in really nice shape when you do come to use it. Plus it feels stronger and helps us save time by not having to sand."

LP TopNotch Sub-Flooring is made with LP OSB. LP OSB is made by blending rectangular wood strands with thermal-set, waterproof adhesives.

The treated strands are arranged in cross- directional layers that are then pressed together under heat and extreme pressure. The result is a rigid, dense engineered panel that is strong and durable.All products in the LP TopNotch line feature a self-spacing tongue and groove profile for easy installation as well as a notch system that helps protect against moisture absorption and edge swell. LP TopNotch 350 is backed by a 200-Day No-Sand Warranty and a 50-Year Transferable Limited Warranty.


"Because we're a framing contractor, we frame for several builders. These builders buy their materials from different lumber yards, and they often get whatever product that yard stocks. Over the last two years, I've been calling those builders and telling them to look into TopNotch," Schauman said.
"LP makes a good product. We recommend it to a lot of people."