Bay Area Contracting Uses LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding to Build Strong Relationships and Foster Customer Satisfaction


Dean Adams, owner of Bay Area Contracting in Traverse City, Mich., along with his wife, Tricia, prides himself on running a family-owned business that emphasizes the importance of family in everything it does.

"There are more important things than work, and in my belief family always comes first," said Adams. "That belief extends through my business to my employees and my homeowners. When the homeowners sign on, they're like family. They become my priority."

When it comes to building homes, Bay Area Contracting has garnered a reputation for quality, dedication and, most notably, fostering strong relationships with clients that are personable, honest and flexible, according to Adams. In business since 2007, Bay Area Contracting does both residential and commercial building all over the greater Michigan area.


In line with the company’s family-centered values, Adams knows firsthand that a marriage of high quality and low cost products is essential to keeping clients happy. That’s why he uses a number of LP engineered wood products, including LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding. Since branching out on his own almost seven years ago, Adams has used the product on residential builds.

However, he first used it when he built his own home in 2003. In looking for an exterior product, Adams said he came across LP SmartSide Trim & Siding at his local lumberyard and knew immediately he'd found a great quality product: "The rich wood look, versatile design selection, and extensive availability of resources from a renowned company like LP make for an unbeatable addition to any home's exterior."


After building his personal home, Adams didn't use LP SmartSide products again for four years. "When I founded Bay Area Contracting a few years later and began doing more custom builds, I started buying the product on an almost daily basis," he said.

It was that hiatus that allowed him to really see how well LP SmartSide siding stood up over time. "I'm really glad I used it on my house first. Now, when clients ask how the product stands up, I can answer honestly with over ten years as my point of reference. Clients really trust my opinion on the product even more because I used it on my family's home."


Since building his first custom home as Bay Area Contracting, Adams estimates they have used LP SmartSide products on 50 homes so far. "We always look at how we can use it architecturally and design-wise," he said.

With so many personal experiences under his belt with LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, Adams wholeheartedly recommends the product to all of his homeowners for its cost-effectiveness, pleasing aesthetic, varied design selection and, most importantly, its notable durability.

"It's hands down the best out there," said Adams. "It allows for less waste because it comes in a variety of sizes; for example, the 16-foot length which shows less seams. It really has that wood texture look, especially compared to some of LP's competitors. Plus, it's easy to use for the trade contractors and it holds up really well."