Residential Application of LP SmartSide Trim & Siding


As a leader in the Minnesota home building market, Lennar Homes strives to build the highest quality homes, explained Tim Fohr, marketing manager for Lennar Minnesota. For customers, the exterior of a Lennar home is the first sign of superior workmanship and livability, which led the company in search for an alternative to its traditional vinyl siding. But according to Fohr, Lennar found more than durability and beauty in LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding; it found a manufacturer that stands behind its brand. Today, nearly sixty percent of Lennar's homes use the product.


Lennar's goal is to create beautiful, versatile communities in the Minneapolis area that will last for years to come. The company wanted to take this a step further and offer its customers an alternative to vinyl siding. In order to deliver on its quality-focused mission, Lennar needed a product with consistent performance for the exterior of the homes.


Fohr had firsthand evidence of the advantages of LP SmartSide products. "I have SmartSide on my own home. It's a substantial difference compared to my neighbors who have vinyl," said Fohr. "With SmartSide, you don't get the waviness from the wood like you see with vinyl. There are also not as many seams, overall, creating a more solid look."

Lennar has also benefitted from the versatility of LP SmartSide by using the product to create a unique look. "LP's products are what makes our neighborhoods look so amazing." According to Fohr, the siding plays a major role in the feeling Lennar wants its customers to get when they drive through one of their neighborhoods.

Fohr also explained that the colors on LP SmartSide siding seem much more vibrant than vinyl. Plus, his customers will find it easier to change the color later on.


Lennar Minnesota has seen continuing success of the product, resulting in the use of a variety of LP SmartSide products, including lap, trim, and cedar shakes, for several years. "We already use SmartSide in multiple neighborhoods," said Fohr. "Sixty percent of our homes use the product." Most recently, Lennar Minnesota has begun construction on two subdivisions, The Enclave and Reflections at Lake Riley, which will include LP SmartSide on four sides of all houses in each development.

"LP Building Products is a great company to work with. Their products are constructed around quality as well as customer satisfaction, and that makes all the difference," Fohr said. "Regardless of what you do with vinyl, it pales in comparison to anything you can do with SmartSide. And our customers can see the difference."