Galower Builders Installs Better Floors in Less Time


According to London-based Galower Builders, quality doesn’t just mean high standards, it means using advanced knowledge of the latest building techniques. Galower has turned to the LP® SolidStart® Simply BetterTM 225i for stronger, straighter floors and less time on the jobsite, according to site manager Olly Slack.


Founded in 1979, Galower collaborates with architects across London, Surrey and the surrounding counties as it strives to create what it describes on its website as "top end contemporary and traditional buildings with modern lifestyle solutions and a fine finish." With a commitment to building each project to the highest standard, Galower keeps a pulse on the latest building techniques.

The Simply Better 225i was first introduced to the U.K. market in 2011. Thanks to Beaumont Forest Products, Mr. Slack saw the product in the floor display at Beaumont's High Wycombe outlet. Beaumont provided guidance on the I-joist specifications and other materials required to complete the floor.

When Galower started using the product in June 2012, the company was looking for a material that would not only provide less shrinkage and twisting than traditional timber, resulting in a stable, stiff floor, but would also offset labor costs. Galower wasn't disappointed.


The only engineered wood I-joist specifically designed for use in the U.K., the Simply Better 225i was created as a direct replacement for timber joists. The web of every Simply Better 225i is made of special-grade OSB. Combined with flanges made from stress-rated, proprietary graded timber, the product is straighter and more uniform in strength, stiffness and size than most traditional timber, as Mr. Slack can attest.

"Because of the uniformity, we save time on-site as we don't have to sort through defective pieces," Mr. Slack explained. "There's a slightly higher unit cost, but it's offset by the build speed and floor performance."

That's because the Simply Better 225i has a more consistent moisture content that makes the product less prone to such issues as twisting, warping and shrinking. The wider flange also offers an easier nailing surface and increased stability for enhanced floor performance.

"The 225i I-joists have helped us build more uniform, stable floors by virtually eliminating twisting and reducing shrinkage. That means a better floor,"

Mr. Slack said. “The installation went smoothly, and it was backed up by good service from Beaumont and MBM.”

MBM Forest Products is a leading U. K.-based wholesaler and distributor of timber and engineered wood products. Beaumont Forest Products worked directly with MBM to provide Galower with the Simply Better 225i.


As of autumn 2012, Galower has used the product on five units, including single-story, two-story, detached and semi-detached houses. Because of the product's performance and the reduced time spent on the jobsite, Mr. Slack expects Galower to use the Simply Better 225i on future projects.