Residential Application of LP® SolidStart LVL for Strength and Durability in Modern Coastal Homes


Joseph Acevedo, president of Acevedo Construction, is a licensed contractor specializing in contemporary custom home framing in and around Del Mar, California.

In May 2015, Acevedo began a framing job on two oceanfront properties with contemporary qualities such as long straight lines, sharp angles and demanding finishes. In order to achieve the modern aesthetics and heavy load requirements, Acevedo set out to find the highest-quality framing product on the market.


The Acevedo team set out to build two contemporary coastal homes that were approximately 2 400 square feet each with unique characteristics:

  • Both homes would feature very demanding finishes with heavy tile and stone in the bathroom as well as the exterior and interior living spaces, requiring a framing product that could meet the engineering requirements of the house

  • With no crown molding to hide uneven walls, the frames of the walls would need to be perfectly straight with no room for errors

  • The homes also had to be built sturdy enough to endure coastal weather conditions, resisting swelling or mold growth due to moisture exposure

  • Lastly, the homes needed to use a sustainable building product that would meet the company’s standards of ethical sourcing Acevedo relied on his trusted local dealer, Pinetree Lumber, for a recommendation. His dealer recommended LP® SolidStart® LVL to provide strength, stiffness and long lengths in the custom homes. He also depended on LP sales representative Ryan Mitchell, who was involved in the design phase as well as throughout the bidding process and eventually on the jobsite.

"The installation process was very easy. We were able to save labor time since we did not have to go back and adjust the LVL. There was no movement or shifting of the beams."
Joseph Acevedo, President of Acevedo Construction

Acevedo’s decision to use LP SolidStart LVL also supports his company’s commitment to sustainable building products, since the wood was sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.


Acevedo installed LP SolidStart LVL throughout both houses in the roof, floor and walls. The long length of the LVL was perfect for the long spans throughout the home.

Acevedo was also impressed with the accurate measurements of LP SolidStart LVL, which is a crucial requirement for the types of contemporary homes he builds.

Because of its water-resistant coating, LP SolidStart LVL provided peace of mind for Acevedo during days with higher moisture. He was impressed with its ability to resist warping, twisting and shrinking-all of which can lead to unsightly builds or costly repairs.


Acevedo was thrilled with the performance of LP SolidStart LVL and plans to use it on all contemporary builds in the future. LP SolidStart LVL provided the strength, stiffness and weather resistance that Acevedo was ultimately hoping for. In addition to the dimensional strength, it provided straight, accurate lines and was both easy to install and sustainably sourced. Because of this, he says he would certainly recommend LP SolidStart LVL to any framer looking for the highest quality LVL on the market.

"The installation process was very easy," said Acevedo. "We were able to save labor time since we did not have to go back and adjust the LVL. There was no movement or shifting of the beams."

Acevedo also found peace of mind knowing that LP SolidStart LVL was backed by a lifetime limited warranty, a benefit not offered by traditional lumber.

He has since been awarded new jobs after bringing potential customers by the two Del Mar jobsites to demonstrate the dimensional strength and stiffness of LP SolidStart LVL.