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As the housing market continues on an upswing, industry professionals should develop a sound marketing plan to ensure they can tackle as much of the market share as possible. In last week's blog, we shared some tips for builders on how to market their business.
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Termite-Resistant Building Products Can Bring Added Value to Your Business

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, termite infestations impact more than 600 000 homes each year in the United States, causin…

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LP® SmartSide® Product Line Now Available on the HOVER 3D Platform

3D technology continues to shake up the construction industry in exciting ways, and now this innovation is changing the way contractors and…

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Four Online Visualizer Tools Every R&R Pro Should Know

Kicking off an exterior home remodeling project can be both exciting and very overwhelming for your client. When flipping through design ma…

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[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® Lap Application Tips & Tricks

The beauty and versatility of LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding have made our products a top pick among contract…

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Did You Know? LP® SmartSide® Siding Can Be Used in High-Wind Areas

Summer is here, which means wind-driven rain and flying debris could soon be on the horizon. If you live near the Texas Gulf Coast or anoth…

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Did You Know? Engineered Wood Siding Installs Faster

Siding materials can dramatically change the appeal of a home exterior by improving its look and style, but the value of siding goes far be…

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Putting It In Perspective: LP® SmartSide® House Trim vs. MiraTEC® Trim

Recently a competitor that also produces engineered wood house trim completed a study which led to the statement that LP® Sm…

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10 Tips for Communicating With Framers and Subs

It’s happened to nearly every architect and builder: products are specified, plans are made, and months later directives are overlooked or …

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Sound Control and Urban Infill

Any builder or architect who works on residential projects in major urban areas knows that there is strategy of building in high-density ne…

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[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® House Trim Application Tips & Tricks

House trim gives homes and other structures a clean, finished look. Nothing is a better complement to beautiful LP® SmartSid…

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[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® Panel Application Tips & Tricks

Not all exterior siding options are created equal. LP shed products are beautiful and exceptionally durable to make your storage building o…

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Installation Video Series, Part 8: Repairing Lap Siding Butt Joints

Siding repair contractors can use the following as guidance when repairing butt joints that were not spaced correctly and may be causing LP…