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The short answer is no, but the real question is: how does rain and water affect oriented strand board (OSB)? Let's dig into the details of OSB's construction.
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How to Build Your Construction Team

All of this points to an essential question everyone in construction is asking today: How can we build an effective team and retain our bes…

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Adapting to Building Codes: How LP Structural Solutions Can Help Builders Succeed

What are some of the more specific building codes the U.S.? And how do U.S. climate zones reflect those codes? We spoke with Neil Freidberg…

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Risk Factor® By First Street Foundation®: A Better Way to Calculate Property Risk

While avoiding extreme weather’s damaging effects is impossible, it is possible to reduce your overall risk with proper assessment and prep…

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How LP Structural Solutions Products Protect a Home Investment

Fixtures, finishes, curb appeal-this is what homeowners care about most, right? At face value it may seem that way, but when you've investe…

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How to Talk to Homeowners About Radiant Barrier Sheathing

For homeowners, the gut feeling that a home is truly energy efficient becomes a reality when they open their gas and electric bills at the …

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Building Better for Your Business: Construction Efficiency with LP® Structural Solutions

As a builder, you know building better means more than just creating high-quality, resilient homes. It also means finding ways to streamlin…

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How to Use Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing: Advice From the Pros

Building to code is critical—and though it may feel like a daunting task that eats away at time, it’s what may protect your structure and, …

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LP® TechShield® FAQ: Addressing Common Questions About Radiant Barriers

We connected with Billy Webb, LP Structural Solutions Product Manager, to get some of the most common questions about radiant barriers answ…

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Building Science: The Secret Weapon for Transforming Your Construction Business

We caught up with LP Building Science Manager Neil Freidberg to get his perspective on what building science in construction is and to get …

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How to Make a Shift in Your Business Plan by Using Premium Building Materials

To keep pace with the last several years of changes related to homebuilding, you likely need to shift your business plan—let’s take a look …

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Adding Value to Remodels with LP® Structural Solutions Products

Communicating the benefits of the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio for a sub-floor kitchen remodel or sub-floor bathroom r…

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Tips for Contractors: Reputation Management & Gaining Trust After Weather Events

If a significant winter weather event happens in your area and there are many homes that sustain damage, it can be a great time to help ens…