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How LP Structural Solutions Products Protect a Home Investment

Fixtures, finishes, curb appeal-this is what homeowners care about most, right? At face value it may seem that way, but when you've invested time and money in a piece of property you know that ensuring your home lasts is critical.

The pros you work with will certainly guide you in product decisions, but having your own product knowledge will help boost your confidence in the performance of the "bones" of your home. Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing right where your dollars are going.

As you prepare for your build or renovation, think about what your objectives are. Do you live in a high heat area or have snow-laden winters? Are you especially environmentally conscious? At a minimum, most homeowners like you want the assurance of a resilient home. What comes to mind for your lifestyle and priorities? Grab a pen and jot down a few things.

Radiant Barrier Sheathing Benefits 

For Arizona-based homeowner and CEO of Build Magazine Ted Bainbridge, energy efficiency was top of mind. Bainbridge partnered with A Finer Touch (AFT) Construction Founder and CEO Brad Leavitt to help build his secluded Arizona oasis using the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio. Leavitt introduced him to LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier in anticipation of the Arizona heat. 

LP TechShield Radiant Barrier works to block radiant heat with a reflective overlay that is adhered to a panel of OSB roof sheathing. Equipped with VaporVents technology that helps prevent moisture buildup during and after construction, the panels can block up to 97 % of radiant heat from emitting into the attic, which can reduce temperatures by up to 30° F. These lower temperatures may even translate directly to your energy bill.

exposed lp techshield panel

For a deeper dive into the original #1 brand of radiant barrier, check out our list of the top 10 radiant barrier benefits here. 

Protect Against Water Intrusion With LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier

In addition to LP TechShield panels, Bainbridge chose LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier for added strength and a tighter building envelope.

While most people don't associate the Arizona desert with moisture, mid-to-late June brings the arrival of monsoon season. The heavy rainfall that comes with monsoons makes the LP WeatherLogic system a no-brainer for Leavitt and his clients in the area.

pro installing lp weatherlogic panel with nail gun

The LP WeatherLogic system works to safeguard the home from water intrusion while allowing moisture vapor to escape. These versatile Structural I rated panels can be applied as wall or roof sheathing and provide greater cross-panel strength and stiffness for enhanced structural capacity.

What is the Value of a Single Manufacturer?

"You have to build it like it's your last," says Bainbridge. The Build Magazine CEO has seen his own homes come into creation and expresses the importance of investing in high quality products upfront.

“When we have a client that understands the value of great products, it gives us a lot of confidence in the build,” adds Leavitt about working with Bainbridge. Having access to a portfolio of products is great for a builder like Leavitt—and having a client who shares the same standard for the integrity of the build is even better.

Using a portfolio of product solutions from a single trusted brand can help make the planning and building process smoother for you and the team that's building your home. Plus, you get the ease of warranties from just one company, long after the build is complete.

From premium sub-flooring to fire-rated sheathing, LP Structural Solutions has your back. Explore even more products proven to Defend Your Build® from the ground up here

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Resiliency Solutions

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There are several insulation methods based on attic design, but ducts placed over the bottom of truss chords and buried under insulation in a vented attic is a popular builder option.

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Sustainability Solutions

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How to Drive Effective Communication and Collaboration on the Jobsite

Every jobsite has a ton of moving parts, from product shipments, supplies, and schedules to subcontractors and homeowners. It's no wonder that many project teams can struggle to maintain quality jobsite communication and collaboration throughout the building process.

Sustainability Solutions

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Carbon Negative, Future Positive: LP® Structural Solutions Portfolio Releases Environmental Product Declarations

In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, we are proud to announce a remarkable achievement: the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio has been officially designated as carbon negative. This milestone is a testament to our unwavering commitment to redefining construction materials for the better with a focus on sustainability, resiliency and groundbreaking advancements.

Sustainability Solutions

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Why Build With Carbon Negative Building Materials?

In our pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly products, we completed five LCAs and EPDs for our LP® Structural Solutions portfolio. Along with LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, these EPDs demonstrate the carbon negativity of our products. That means that our products store more carbon than is released during their entire life cycle, making us a meaningful part of the climate solution.