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Adding Value to Remodels with LP® Structural Solutions Products

No client wants to hear that a damaged sub-floor needs to be replaced during a dream-worthy bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation. Communicating the benefits of the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio for a sub-floor kitchen remodel or sub-floor bathroom remodel can be a key difference in positively reinforcing the value of the overall renovation. 

Why Choose Premium Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Sub-Floor Materials? 

The unexpected discovery of sub-floor damage during a renovation project means customers will have to pay to replace the damaged panels. Between material and labor costs, budget impacts are inevitable. So why should they lean into using premium products for either kitchen or bathroom sub-floor materials for a remodel?

For many homeowners, longevity of their house is a top priority. Therefore, their renovations must stand the test of time, which premium products can help achieve.

Some builders may question the use of premium products that are “hidden” behind walls or under finished flooring, while high-end tile, elaborate kitchen islands and sophisticated finishes show their beauty every day. However, not all commodity products offer premium performance, which can certainly affect the perceived value of your work.

For example, LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring is packed with more strands, wax and resin using Gorilla Glue Technology® for exceptional resistance to moisture and edge swell.

pro installing lp legacy sub-floor during construction

What Is the Best Sub-Floor for Bathrooms and Kitchens?

When you choose a premium sub-floor material for a bathroom or kitchen remodel, it can provide a sturdy, solid floor that helps minimize deflection between floor joists and improves the overall stiffness of the floor system. Over time, this can help prevent cracks in luxury floor tiles and grout lines.

As one of the toughest sub-floors in the industry, each LP Legacy panel also offers enhanced proprietary bending properties for greater strength to support heavy loads. When incorporated in a properly designed floor system, LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring can help support heavy kitchen islands and large soaker tubs. Using LP Legacy sub-flooring can help increase the value of your bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation.

Stake your reputation on the remarkably strong, consistent quality of LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring. For more insights, check out our business advice for the long-term value of premium building materials. 

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