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5 Tips to Reduce Material Waste on Jobsites

It's said time is money, and when it comes to construction, materials equal big money too. Anytime materials end up in the dumpster due to …

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[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® Lap Application Tips & Tricks

The beauty and versatility of LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding have made our products a top pick among contract…

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Update: The LP® SmartSide® Limited Warranty Now Protects Against Hail Damage

Just in time for severe weather season, LP has expanded its limited warranty coverage to include hail damage. The recent update to the LP

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[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® Panel Application Tips & Tricks

Not all exterior siding options are created equal. LP shed products are beautiful and exceptionally durable to make your storage building o…

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The Scoop on Potting Soil: Dos & Don'ts to Help Your Plants Thrive

As the winter chill fades, it’s a great time to get a jump on spring by creating your own container gardens to decorate the porch, patio or…