The Beauty is in the Details: Accent Colors for Your Exterior

Even if you aren't changing the main colors of your home's exterior siding and trim, there are other ways you can add color to boost interest and curb appeal. The key is to repeat your accent color in more than one place so that it doesn't seem disparate from the rest of the house.

When adding additional colors to the exterior, keep in mind the following:

  • Doors, shutters and even batten can be set apart from the siding with a distinctively different or significantly darker accent color.
  • Architectural features are highlighted with contrasting or darker colors.
  • Lackluster features such as boring garage doors can be downplayed by painting them the same color as the body of the house.

If you need some instant gratification, changing your door color is an inexpensive way to experiment with color and give your entry new life. Repainting a door is inexpensive and only takes an afternoon. Look at trending exterior house colors for some helpful ideas and inspiration!

Plant color is also part of the overall color scheme. Landscaping softens the sharp edges of a home and camouflages an unattractive foundation. Window boxes and trellises can create a welcoming cottage quality for your home's façade. Even large clay or ceramic pots can add or repeat an accent color on the front porch or at the base of exterior stairs. When you add landscaping and accessories to some of the most popular siding colors, they'll pop even more!

Exterior accents include things like gables, accent walls and architectural details. When selecting paint, choose an accent color to bring interest to your main exterior colors. Whether a brown roof, a gray or black roof, or a more unusual roof color, there is sure to be an accent color to help add beauty to the exterior details. You can see a few color set examples here

With 16 colors to choose from, you can create a custom look for your home with LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish Trim & Siding. See what you can dream up with our LP SmartSide Home Visualizer. And don’t forget to explore more modern design examples and get home siding ideas in our inspiration gallery.


Note: All photos are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer regularly to for correct and up-to-date product installation instructions.

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