LP® SmartSide® Builder Spotlight: Tim Holton, J.K. Holton

Builder Switches to LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding for Premium Quality & Increased Jobsite Efficiency  


The Business

J.K. Holton, a construction company in Cochranville, Pennsylvania, began as a business specializing in log homes in 1991, eventually growing into the full-service building and remodeling company it is today. Owner Tim Holton began working for his dad's company at age 16. Finding a passion for renovating and working with homeowners at an early age, Holton went on to pursue a degree in construction management, eventually taking over the family business in 2006.

Holton's primary goals for the company are efficiency and quality. As he puts it, "Our mission is to go above and beyond with our craftsmanship while adding our unique design flair to every project. We aren't shy when it comes to constructing distinctive exteriors, blending building materials, and using new products to enhance our quality of work."

The Build

And "using new products" he did when Holton decided to switch his siding material midway through his latest new construction build to meet his client's demand for a premium product. "The home is located on the edge of a hill, so construction was particularly challenging," says Holton. Because Holton knew the homeowners well, they were open to home siding ideas on how to enhance the home's exterior and make the siding process more efficient to get the job done quicker.

Initially, in having the most familiarity with vinyl siding manufacturers, Holton had specked vinyl for the job. He then looked to fiber cement for "better quality." However, having worked with fiber cement before, Holton "didn't love it" and says the breakage led to longer jobs and more jobsite waste. It was about a month out from siding that Holton saw Kyle Stumpenhorst and Jordan Smith installing LP® SmartSide® products on the LP House, which prompted him to consider making the switch.

Holton says, "Jordan and Kyle were the driving factor in my decision to switch. They're both trusted contractors in the industry and are known for working with products they believe in." After reaching out to LP directly to gather more details, Holton was able to confidently sell the homeowners on that fact that LP SmartSide Smooth Trim & Siding was the most durable siding option for the job.

“Seeing LP SmartSide products backed by trusted, well-known contractors in the industry gave me the confidence to make the switch. After learning more and seeing the product I told my clients, ‘LP SmartSide siding is the only option for the premium quality you’re looking for.’” — Tim Holton


The LP SmartSide Advantage

As a first-time LP SmartSide user, Holton highlights how he was impressed by the many jobsite benefits of engineered wood siding versus fiber cement. "Everything about LP SmartSide products is a bit easier…not having to worry about specialty tools or dust, it's lightweight and durable nature making it easier to handle, and the longer length reducing the amount of joints…it adds up!"

Durability was the most valuable benefit for Holton on the jobsite. He says, "There is nothing worse than cutting fiber cement and having it break on you during the installation. You don't have to worry about wasted time and energy with engineered wood siding, like LP SmartSide products. They are tougher and easier to work with than any siding products I've installed."

Second to durability was the longer lengths. Holton explains, "The 16-foot lengths in comparison to competitor 12-foot lengths is a total game changer. With this build, in places where I would have had three joints if I used fiber cement, I only had one with LP SmartSide products." Holton says this not only saved him time, but the combination of the smooth finish and fewer seams made for a much cleaner, sleeker look.

While Holton admits there was a bit of a learning curve (as with any new building material), he says that the "investment to learn LP SmartSide installation methods was worth the reward." He has "no doubt" that after using LP SmartSide products they are the most durable siding products he's worked with and that installing lap siding on future jobs will save time. Looking to the future, he is looking forward to "steering customers towards LP SmartSide products."