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Are All Sub-Floor Adhesives The Same?

Want to reduce callbacks on your construction projects? 

Well, squeaky floors are one of the most common causes for callbacks, and the most common cause of squeaky floors is a failure to securely attach sub-flooring to floor joists.

Here’s a simple and painless remedy to resolve this problem.

The Adhesive That Expands for a Better Seal

LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive helps protect against squeaky floors. 

Unlike some adhesives, LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive expands when applied to create a tight seal in small gaps between panels and supports. It can increase your floor system's stiffness while also preventing annoying squeaks.

Our ready-to-use, gun-applied, fast-curing foam adhesive is ideal for both interior and exterior application. As a 100 % polyurethane resin adhesive, it contains no fillers or solvents. It bonds aggressively to wood, OSB, plywood and many other substrates. Initial cure only takes four hours and it reaches full cure in 24 hours.

LP Gives You the Perfect Package Deal

LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive was designed to work in tandem with LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring, the super durable, strand-based engineered wood panel that LP manufactures for demanding sub-floor applications. 

LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring is not only proven tough but is also APA-verified to have exceptional stiffness and strength. Plus, each wood strand of LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring is coated with a water-resistant adhesive that uses Gorilla Glue Technology® for added stiffness and moisture resistance. 

That’s why LP offers a Covered Until It’s Covered® no-sand warranty—plus a lifetime limited warranty that lasts as long as the home. 

Double Trouble for Squeaky Sub-Floors

This is where the combined use of LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring and LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive gives you a double advantage. 

First, the high panel density and superior stiffness of LP Legacy sub-flooring already delivers optimum fastener holding strength for a quieter sub-floor. When you add the adhesive power of LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive-with its expanding foam feature-you can virtually eliminate gaps between sub-floor panels and floor joists. Those pesky squeaks have nowhere to hide.

LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive Saves Time and Money

Best of all, LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive can be applied efficiently and easily - reducing application time up to 25 %, saving both time and money. It can be applied at temperatures between 40° F and 95° F, giving builders greater flexibility.

LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive has been tested according to ASTM D3498. It's mold and mildew resistant, and can be applied to wet, dry or even frozen lumber, making it easy to install any time throughout the year.

One 29 oz. can of LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive gives you 12 times the coverage of a typical tube of conventional sub-floor adhesive, yielding approximately 500 linear feet at 1/2˝ bead width. (For ordering purposes, a good rule of thumb is to reduce the yield by 5 %-10 % to accommodate for framing irregularities.)

Easy To Install and With a Squeak-Free Warranty

Installation is easy. As with most adhesives, do not expose to temperatures greater than 122° F and do not store inside a vehicle on a hot day. When using LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive, observe the standard industrial hygiene procedures. For detailed usage instructions, click here.

Best of all, LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive comes with a squeak-free lifetime limited warranty when used with LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring Assemblies.

Squeaky floors are a pain. LP Legacy Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive makes the pain go away.

For more information, visit or click here.

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