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How Does Gorilla Glue Technology® Work?

You know Gorilla Glue® is strong—you likely have a few bottles in your toolbox. What makes Gorilla Glue so famous is among the same reasons why LP uses resins based on this tough technology in its LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring. Let’s dive into the reasons why Gorilla Glue Technology® is so strong.

What Makes Gorilla Glue Technology So Strong? 

Introduced in 1994, the original Gorilla Glue® is a water-activated polyurethane formula that bonds to virtually anything, making the glue a favorite for many projects and repairs. Because the glue requires water to start the chemical reaction, it offers superior water resistance and strength even in very cold or warm temperatures.  

Gorilla Glue Technology® in LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring

In an exclusive partnership, LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring uses resins based on Gorilla Glue Technology® to help make its premium sheathing one of the strongest and stiffest sub-floor options on the market. 

The process begins in manufacturing, where each wood strand in LP Legacy panels is coated with resins using Gorilla Glue Technology. The resins bond wood fibers at the molecular level for premium performance. This polyurethane formula helps the adhesive penetrate into the wood fibers to create a superior bond. 

"LP Legacy is a complete sub-floor solution whose premium performance in wet, harsh environments provides building pros with peace of mind until each house is closed in," says Jeff Yelle, Director, OSB Technology & Quality at LP Building Solutions. "What's more, our exclusive alliance with Gorilla Glue allows builders to promote a high-profile brand recognized by homeowners for its toughness and durability."

How Does Gorilla Glue Technology Work in LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring?

The technology works in multiple ways. "As the adhesive penetrates deep into the wood fiber it creates a mechanical bond, physically latching the wood together," explains Yelle. "Finally, by penetrating into the wood fiber it improves moisture resistance by reducing the amount of available space in the wood for water to absorb."

Yelle urges builders to use innovative, premium products as it provides more insurance against the unexpected, including moisture and extreme temperatures.

Is OSB an Engineered Wood?

OSB is an engineered wood composite, and it forms the basis for more advanced OSB solutions like LP Legacy sub-flooring panels to be created. Standard OSB and LP Legacy panels, for example, are made with the same general process. However, LP Legacy panels are denser with more wood fiber and more resin, which imparts superior strength and moisture resistance.

Professional builder Kyle Stumpenhorst conducted a performance test to look at the differences between LP Legacy panels and a commodity OSB product after they were submerged in water for three weeks. After this harsh test, Stumpenhorst concluded the soaked LP Legacy panel performed just as well as a new piece of LP Legacy sub-flooring.

Because LP uses resins based on Gorilla Glue Technology in its LP Legacy panels, the moisture resistance capabilities help prevent edge swell and provide more dimensional stability. Gorilla Glue Technology is one of the reasons why LP is able to offer its industry-leading Covered Until It’s Covered® No-Sand Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Limited Warranty that lasts as long as your customer owns their home.

When should you use LP Legacy sub-flooring? Check out Mark LaLiberte, one of our partners at  Construction Instruction, on his thoughts.   

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