5 Hobbyists That Should Have a Backyard Workshop

If you have a serious hobby, you don't want to be stuck in a musty basement or have to carve out space in your cramped garage just to be able to indulge. Why not get a spacious studio or backyard workshop that gives you plenty of room for your hobby, and just steps away from your home? For these hobbyists, a backyard shed is the ideal location to pursue those passions.

  1. The potter. Creating pottery requires ample space in which to work. Throwing pots is inherently messy, which means splatters on the walls, floor and furniture – something you don’t want in your home or garage. A shed can give you the room you need for a wheel, storage of clay and glazes, plus shelving for your wares.
  2. The woodworker. Woodworkers need a space with taller ceilings than a garage and bigger doors than a basement to accommodate lumber, equipment and large finished pieces. A shed can easily become a woodworking shop provided it is the right size, in the right location and has an electrical connection.
  3. The car enthusiast. Space is the biggest need for someone who wants to build, repair or restore vehicles. When paired with a concrete foundation, a large shed provides a place where you can stash tools, parts and accessories and still have room for that project car. You won't be disturbed while working, and the noise and fumes won't disturb others in your home.

  1. The hunter. Proper maintenance and storage of hunting gear between seasons will provide longer life and ensure you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. A watertight shed built with LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products is a great structure to protect your hunting investment, and also gives you a place to store bulky items that take up too much room in the garage, such as archery targets.
  2. The crafter. In your own craft studio, you can sew, paint, scrapbook or any number of other pursuits, all to your heart’s content. Pegboards are essential in a craft room because they’re so customizable. Use a mix of shelves, hooks and baskets to keep supplies off your work area but still within reach.

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