5 Top-Rated Apps for the Construction Industry

The construction industry workforce often has teams working on various stages of construction at different locations and different times, so mobile technology is becoming more prevalent. Builders, framers and remodelers view their phones as not only a communication device, but as a tool for improving work streams, finances, field management and sales tracking.

According to Construction Executive®, the best mobile applications help everyone on the construction team easily access important project files and plans, stay in the loop and improve safety, which can bring a boost to employee morale.

Here are five of the top-rated apps for the construction category chosen based on how well the app solves specific problems for construction workers, the app interface, and the quality of the customer service. This list includes apps for the construction industry ranging from safety and project management to estimating and asset tracking.

  • JobFLEX – Best for Estimates and Bids

This app makes creating quotes and estimates for customers quick and simple-even without a cellular connection. JobFLEX offers time and paper-saving benefits to help builders quote jobs, close sales, and secure more jobs.

  • Go Figure® – Best for Increased Sales & Productivity

The Go Figure app is an innovative tool allowing contractors and estimators to create siding estimates for clients using photos. This app is integrated with LP® SmartSide® products, allowing contractors to easily create bids, pursue jobs, and increase their close rate. 

This field management app delivers information to teams in the field via tablet technology. The cloud-based collaboration and reporting app helps resolve issues efficiently, track quality, and improve safety, workflow and performance.

AnyTrack allows users to track and protect important company assets-including tools, heavy equipment and trucks-from anywhere. This app helps prevent valuable company items from getting stolen, damaged or moved without your knowledge.

The Red Cross First Aid app offers expert advice for everyday emergencies, helping builders increase safety on the jobsite, prepare for severe weather, and get emergency help fast. Additionally, this app easily toggles between Spanish and English.

According to TSheets®, the scheduling software maker, using various mobile apps can help revolutionize communication, collaboration and profitability for builders and their team.

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