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Did You Know? The LP® SmartSide® Limited Warranty Beats Competitors by 20 Years

As a builder, you have many options when it comes to which siding material to install on new construction projects. It's a crucial decision for your business. After all, your success depends on your reputation, and your reputation hinges on the homes you build and the quality of the materials you choose for those homes.

Since your choice of siding material matters so much, its warranty coverage matters too. When you build with LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, your customers will enjoy products with exceptional durability that look beautiful when installed on a home, especially with proper LP SmartSide maintenance. You’ll enjoy a better alternative to fiber cement siding and peace of mind knowing that the siding is covered by an industry-leading 5/50-year limited warranty.

Get Industry-Leading Hail Damage Warranty Coverage with Proper LP SmartSide Maintenance

At LP our products and processes are designed to maximize your success, and homeowners can enjoy their siding when they practice good LP SmartSide maintenance. Each strand of our innovative engineered wood siding products is treated with the SmartGuard® process to resist termites and fungal decay. Advanced binders and special water-resistant waxes coat every strand for enhanced durability. A resin-saturated overlay creates the final layer of protection against the elements, finishing off a material with long-term durability and strength. Maintenance of LP SmartSide siding is easy and involves only typical household cleaning materials. Available in different sizes in smooth and textured finishes, LP SmartSide lap siding and trim greatly enhance the curb appeal of new homes. 

LP backs all siding and trim products with the LP® SmartSide® 5/50 Limited Warranty, one of the most competitive warranties on the market. The five-year, 100 % labor and material replacement feature with a 50-year prorated limited warranty provides protection with confidence. The limited warranty also covers damage from hail, up to 1,75 inches in diameter, when the siding is properly installed and maintained according to the LP application instructions. 

It's important to know how to install, maintain and paint LP SmartSide Trim & Siding so you don't unintentionally void the limited warranty. The LP SmartSide care and maintenance instructions can be found alongside LP SmartSide application instructions, and complete installation details are available at A copy of the most recent limited warranty is available at

When you choose LP SmartSide products, you’ll have 20 extra years of coverage beyond many of LP SmartSide siding’s competitors.

Build With Us®

Over the past 20 years, LP SmartSide siding products have consistently performed at a high level. Spend more time growing your business instead of following up on warranty claims. Find an LP SmartSide retailer today, or learn more about the benefits of becoming an LP BuildSmart Preferred Contractor. If you have questions, such as how often to paint LP SmartSide siding or specific warranty details, contact us at 888-820-0325.

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