How to Make It So Much More Than a Shed

When you build your outdoor building with innovative LP products, you'll have the versatility to make it so much more than a shed! That's because our products feature innovative advances that make them both durable and beautiful. They're perfect for workshops, garden sheds, utility sheds, playhouses and more.
More Durable Shed Walls
LP® SmartSide® wall panels are treated with our exclusive SmartGuard® process that helps protect against damage from fungal decay and termites. Every LP SmartSide product is treated to the core with an advanced formula of binders, waxes and zinc borate before a water-resistant, resin-saturated overlay is applied. This process helps to keep out moisture for long-term durability and strength.

A Brighter, Cooler Interior

Innovative LP SmartSide® Panels with SilverTech® feature a highly reflective foil that helps to brighten the shed interior while resisting flaking and peeling. The SilverTech radiant barrier also helps reduce solar heat gain to help lower inside temperatures. SilverTech finish is available on both LP wall panels and shed roof sheathing.

Flooring That’s Tough & Attractive

For a premium, professional-grade appearance inside your shed, check out LP ProStruct® Floor with SmartFinish®. This flooring product features a high-quality overlay that’s uniform and free of knots and voids. And because LP ProStruct Floors with SmartFinish are treated with SmartGuard®, you can rest easy knowing that your floor will resist fungal decay and termite damage far better than untreated plywood.

Bring It to Life with LP

Beautiful and exceptionally durable, LP shed products make your shed or other structure a cut above the rest. They also come backed with some of the best warranties in the industry. Insist on premium LP products – the durable, beautiful solution for your dream outdoor structure. Find what inspires you with LP. You can visualize shed designs, choose a size and get tips at
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Choosing Materials: Best Siding for Cold Climates

January and February typically usher in the season's coldest temperatures, bringing the need to use building materials that can withstand frigid temperatures with them. However, it's often the freeze/thaw cycle--cold days followed by quick warm-ups--that can cause significant damage to a home's siding. So, what is the best siding for cold climates to combat this?

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Best House Sheathing for Cold Climates

With temperatures dropping, insulation and protecting new construction against the elements are top of mind. Of course, builders must consider how insulated wall sheathing can help meet code requirements and contribute to the overall performance of the building envelope. However, they must also carefully consider potential moisture problems both during and after the build and the potential impacts of freeze/thaw cycles. With the season of potential hard freezes followed by fast warm-ups upon us, let's explore methods for choosing the best house sheathing for cold climates.

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Building a House During Winter: Cold Weather Construction Safety Tips

With housing demand at an all-time high, builders do not have the ability to halt home construction during the winter months. Builders can work safely year round, even building houses during winter with planning and preparation. Advanced products and installation methods allow work to be performed during wet and very cold temperatures, but builders also need to consider winter safety for construction workers.

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New Year, New Siding: Choosing Siding That Lasts

It's a new year-and perhaps also time for new siding! The start of a new year always brings resolutions and goals, and when it comes to your home it's the perfect time for an exterior refresh. Whether your current exterior material is worn or you're just looking to try new siding trends, updating your siding can transform your home with a longer-lasting, premium aesthetic.