Is Your Framing Advanced?

If you are a builder trying to meet strict energy codes while building a home that will be durable, sustainable and cost-effective, you may want to consider advanced framing. An advanced framing system (also known as "optimum value engineering") uses techniques that will reduce unnecessary redundancies found in conventional framing. In advanced framing, the framing members are placed only where they are needed, but still maintains the overall structural integrity of the framing system. The advanced framing system was developed by the NAHB Research Center in the 1970s.

The APA – The Engineered Wood Association provides four main advantages of advanced framing:

  • Energy Efficiency: Improves whole wall R-values (resistance to heat flow) and can help homes meet ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Cost Effectiveness: Optimizes building material usage and decreases labor
  • Structural Integrity: OSB wall sheathing helps the framing withstand all of the design loads
  • Sustainability: Optimizes wood materials—a truly sustainable material—and reduces construction waste

Watch the video by the APA and see an overlapping system comparing advanced framing to conventional framing here. 

If you want to get started or learn more about advanced framing, visit the APA - Engineered Wood Association website for a copy of their Advanced Framing Construction Guide.  Then, talk to your LP Building Products dealer to determine the best oriented strand board options for advanced framing.

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