New Case Study: Expansive and Intricate Custom Home Design Implements LP® SolidStart LSL for Strength, Straightness and Stiffness

We recently added a new case study to our online product literature portfolio. This latest installment focuses on Ennis Custom Homes’ recent construction of a nearly 18 000 sq. ft. home and 5 000 sq. ft. guest home that used LP® SolidStart LSL and LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing. Both homes are located on a 28-acre estate, and the main home includes an indoor pool and greenhouse wing. Construction of the main home is set to be completed in Spring 2017.

Brad Ennis of Ennis Custom Homes LLC used LP products to create a beautiful, elaborate home for his valued customer. For the Carmel, Indiana build, Ennis and his team were tasked with building a large, complicated home with beautiful design elements. From grand circular staircases within modern turrets to arched and domed ceilings, the homeowners were seeking an aesthetically unique home.

For the build, Ennis relied on LP® SolidStart LSL to provide strength and consistency throughout the home. He also had LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier sheathing installed in the roof to improve the home’s energy efficiency.

Read more about the spectacular build on our Case Studies page:

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