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Oregon Music Garage, Part 2: Stumpenhorst Finishes Exterior With LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding for a Sleek, Bold Look

With a few other LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding projects under his belt, contractor Kyle Stumpenhorst knew this engineered wood siding product would be the perfect fit for the Oregon Music Garage. Its durability on the jobsite and for years to come after installation, as well as its beautiful aesthetic and variety of available colors, make this project a can’t-miss addition to the Oregon, Illinois area.

After creating a resilient foundation with LP Structural Solutions, Stumpenhorst finished the build’s exterior with LP SmartSide ExpertFinish® products, making it his first light commercial build using LP SmartSide siding. As one of the most durable siding solutions on the market, its outstanding workability makes it easy to install on any project.

Completing the Build

LP SmartSide products aren't only for residential projects-they're ideal for making a light commercial structure like this Oregon music shop durable and tough. "I wanted something that was engineered," Stumpenhorst clarifies regarding the siding he chose. "I wanted to feel good about all the materials that were being used and that they would last for the lifetime of the building."

Contractors like Stumpenhorst also report added confidence when installing lap siding that is backed by a great warranty. “ExpertFinish products give you a 15-year finish warranty, and that’s really going to make you feel good as a building owner and a builder,” he says. The limited LP SmartSide warranty leads the siding industry, as well.

Foundational Planning and Progress

From the design phase to installation, Stumpenhorst had LP SmartSide vertical siding's dimensions and features in mind. In fact, he coordinated the vertical siding's 16-foot lengths with the height of the walls to make installation simple, straightforward and clean. These dimensions help lead to less jobsite waste, as well.

But before it was time to install siding on this LP SmartSide special project, Stumpenhorst chose products from the LP Structural Solutions portfolio with resiliency in mind. From the subfloor up, the Oregon Music Garage is built to withstand anything that comes its way so "the product will help avoid any issues down the road as long as the building is being used," Stumpenhorst mentions.

Kyle Stumpenhorst of RR Buildings uses LP SmartSide Trim & Siding on his projects because of the durability and efficiency.

Workability That Tops the Competition

According to Stumpenhorst, the main benefits for builders that come from LP SmartSide products involve workability. When it comes to installing lap siding products, "there are many ways LP SmartSide helps save time on the jobsite," he says. "Their lightweight, durable nature allows you to install with minimal crew members, the offering of a prefinished option allows you to save time on painting and the engineered wood component allows you to gang-cut 5-6 pieces at a time."

But don't just take his word for it: third-party testing results have shown that LP SmartSide lap siding installs up to 22 % faster than fiber cement lap siding. These faster results come with lighter weights, longer lengths and less waste on the jobsite, and those benefits were clear to Stumpenhorst on the Oregon Music Garage project.

"The ability to install these longer lengths is killer when you're an 'attention to detail' guy like I am," he says. "It is also a time saver, so it increases productivity on the jobsite." LP SmartSide ExpertFinish products are also made of engineered wood-one of the most durable wood options available. That means not only will they stand up to weather and impact; they'll also survive almost anything the jobsite throws their way. Stumpenhorst also hopes this project shows builders of light commercial or post-frame structures how LP SmartSide products can be used as an element in a resilient and beautiful build.

A Finishing Touch

For the final touch on this LP SmartSide special project, the color of the Oregon Music Garage had to be chosen intentionally. "As a builder, any time you can come to your client and give them up to 16 color selections, you're going to win out," Stumpenhorst adds. "Everybody likes to have choices, and that's what you get with ExpertFinish from LP SmartSide."

For this project, Stumpenhorst worked with his client to choose Quarry Gray siding with Abyss Black trim. After reviewing all the options, they agreed the cool gray tone would bring out the sharp black trim, making the build pop. The client also wanted bold, dark colors to make the building catch the eyes of those driving by its high-traffic area.

Kyle Stumpenhorst of RR Buildings uses LP SmartSide Trim & Siding for efficiency and durability.

Featuring one of the most durable siding solutions on the market, this LP SmartSide special project helped Stumpenhorst finish this exciting addition to a community favorite. For years to come, the Oregon Music Garage will help bring music to the Oregon, Illinois community from a durable, beautiful space.

See more of the story in our highlights at @lp_pros and review the build’s foundation in Part 1 of the Oregon Music Garage project. 

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