Shed Builder Spotlight: Leonard Buildings

When you’re in the shed business, word-of-mouth is a big deal. For Leonard Buildings, more than 50 years of word-of-mouth about the quality and service this shed builder delivers has allowed it to grow from a single shop to a complex manufacturing operation that serves a five-state region. In addition, approximately 70 % of Leonard Buildings’ business results from repeat customers and referrals.

Building Customer Trust

Tyson H. Leonard founded Leonard Buildings in 1963 in the Augusta, Georgia area. He saw the demand for inexpensive backyard storage solutions early, and helped innovate the skid floor system that allowed factory-built structures to be transported and set up on a customer’s property. Operations were moved to the Triad region of North Carolina in the early 1970’s due to the manufacturing infrastructure and strong workforce. “Mr. Leonard deliberately maintained ownership of the retail channel and did not extend to outside dealers,” explains TJ Glover, Director of Marketing for Leonard Buildings. “He felt that if you are going to let someone come into your backyard, you need to trust them.” That formula has proven very successful for Leonard Buildings. Retail operations have expanded ever since, and the company now has 56 store locations that service customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.


‘A True Wood Look’

The choice of which products to use in its manufacturing process is a crucial decision for a company like Leonard Buildings. When it came to siding, the biggest concern was to improve the quality of its bread-and-butter sellers: standard gable and barn sheds. It selected LP® products because of their durability and versatility. “We like the way LP siding can be stained to give our customers a true wood look without the hassles of plywood T1-11, which tends to warp, delaminate and holds mold,” says Glover. Leonard Buildings is also currently testing LP products on other backyard structures it manufactures, such as animal shelters and greenhouses.

‘Exceptional Support’

The level of manufacturer support was also a factor in Leonard Buildings' selection of LP as a material supplier. "The LP group is responsive and clearly focused on the shed manufacturing business," says Glover. "The level of support we have received has been exceptional."

Find Sheds Near You

You can see sheds built with LP products at a Leonard Buildings factory store. If you live outside of the Leonard Buildings service area, use the LP dealer locator to find a shed builder in your area.
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