The Growing Importance of Curb Appeal

Real estate experts refer to curb appeal as "the frosting," and construction industry professionals know exactly what they mean. It is how a home looks from the street that can make or break a real estate sale, and it's usually why your customers call on your company for remodeling services. They want to improve how their home looks - and they're looking to you for help.

Keep these basic guidelines in mind to help your customers improve home curb appeal.

Consider First Impressions

Encourage your customers to stand back from the curb and look at their home with a critical eye. Is there unnecessary clutter? Are there components of the exterior that are broken, dirty or worn? Simple repairs can improve a home's first impression, but if these parts are due for replacement, they shouldn't be put off. Even small touches such as containers of flowers or a fresh layer of mulch can boost curb appeal for a minimal investment.

Invest in Maintenance

If a customer is aiming to improve curb appeal, point out that the value of upgrading exterior components can easily be lost if the rest of the property is not properly maintained. A well-kept lawn, attractive landscaping, painting and other forms of routine upkeep will often boost the perceived value of a home as much as improvements.

Compare (and Stand Out From) Neighboring Homes

Encourage your customers to compare their property with others in the neighborhood. While it’s important to be respectful of the neighborhood aesthetic, great choices of exterior colors and materials can make a home truly stand out from others on the block. The LP® SmartSide® siding product line – which includes lap, panel and shake siding, trim, fascia and soffit – gives you and your customers a wide spectrum of style choices. 

Think Safety

Security is a must for any home. Remind your customers to eliminate potential dangers such as poorly-lit walkways, shrubbery that could serve as a hiding place for robbers, and unused furniture or vehicles that contribute to an air of neglect.

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