The Importance of a Proper Shed Foundation

As with any structure, starting with a firm foundation is essential to the overall soundness of a shed building. The foundation supports the walls, and the walls support the roof of the shed – and having a roof that protects your belongings from the elements is why you are building a shed in the first place! Before you purchase an outdoor shed, determine if there are any restrictive covenants for your community that govern the style and size of shed you build, where it’s built and possibly the foundation type. Rural areas often have no covenants, but a city or homeowner’s association is more likely to have specific requirements.

Why You Shouldn’t Put a Shed on the Ground?

Although it would seem to be the simplest solution, placing your new shed directly on the ground can lead to a number of problems. First, moisture will seep through the soil and promote rot and corrosion of wood and metal components, as well as the contents of the shed. Because of the uneven nature of the typical yard, setting a shed on the ground can also affect its stability and prevent doors and windows from operating properly. Ultimately, it will mean a shorter life for your shed. A shed should be placed on a stable, level surface for the building to remain structurally sound, and for the doors and windows to open and close smoothly. To allow for proper water drainage and minimize moisture transfer from the soil to the shed structure, it should sit slightly off the ground.

Types of Foundations

The type of shed foundation you need depends on where you live, how your shed will function and its size. The most common shed foundations include:
  • Gravel or crushed rock
  • Concrete pavers
  • Concrete slab
  • Poured footers
If you are unsure which type of foundation is best suited for your structure, LP strongly suggests you consult a shed dealer or hire a qualified building contractor. Many shed dealers also offer construction of shed foundations as an added service.

Need Help?

With a proper foundation for a shed, you can get so much more use out of this space. LP Outdoor Building Solutions® innovative engineered wood products offer more value for your shed, such as LP SilverTech® for a brighter and cooler interior and LP SmartFinish® for a durable, attractive appearance. For quality you can see inside and out, contact a shed dealer near you or call (844) 5LP-SHED.
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