Tips on Storing Snow Equipment in the Off Season

After the last snowfall of the year has melted, it’s time to trade your boots and snow blower for warmer weather and flip-flops. Before you free up space by moving winter snow equipment to the outdoor shed, follow these tips to make sure everything will be ready to go next winter.
Shovels Clean dirt off shovels and other tools prior to storage, then dry them thoroughly. Dry tools will better resist rust and rot. When storing, keep tools off the floor where they might come in contact with moisture.
Sleds & Snow Tubes Clean sledding gear using mild soap and water. To protect sleds from damage during the summer months, try storing them in the rafters of your shed or garage, or hang high on a wall. Snow tubes should be allowed to dry, folded up and placed in a sturdy storage container to protect them from pests and damage caused by falling objects.
Skis Wash off all dirt and debris, and take your skis to your local shop at the end of the season to get them tuned and waxed. Clean ski boots thoroughly and pull out the liners to make sure they dry completely before storing in a protective bag. Skis, snowboards and boots must be stored in a temperature-controlled environment, such as a basement or closet, to prevent damage from excess heat and humidity.
Snow Blowers Before storing a snow blower, conduct a final maintenance check to be sure all parts are in working order, and replace or repair as needed. Change the oil and filter if equipped. Wash and dry the exterior of the machine to prevent corrosion caused by road salt. Apply rust preventative to any areas of bare metal. Follow manufacturer recommendations to prevent gum deposits from forming in the fuel system during storage. This may include emptying the system or adding fuel stabilizer.

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