Why LP® SmartSide® Siding is the Smart Choice for Your Climate Zone

A busy summer storm season around the U.S. has tested the durability of numerous types of building materials used in residential and commercial construction. We're proud that house exterior siding options from LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding continue to be tested to the extremes, and to stand strong against harsh weather.

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Climate Tested to the Extremes

No matter where you live in the country, LP SmartSide engineered wood trim and siding is an excellent choice for long-term durability. You can count on our products to stand up to these severe climate conditions:

  • Heavy rain. Because LP SmartSide is combined with water-resistant waxes and industrial-grade resins, then bonded with a resin-saturated overlay, it resists even the most intense moisture.
  • Coastal winds. When installed to manufacturer specifications, most LP SmartSide siding exceeds the strict Gulf Coast wind speed requirements of the Texas Department of Insurance, in addition to the wind speed requirements of the International Code Council.
  • Rot and fungal decay. Tests show that LP SmartSide siding resisted fungal decay even after years of exposure to the tropical environment of Hilo, Hawaii – a jungle with extreme humidity and more than 170 inches of rainfall per year.
  • Heat and sun exposure. In the South and Southeast, where temperatures can top 120°F, other siding materials can be damaged by intense sunlight and hot, dry weather. LP SmartSide remains strong and beautiful, even after prolonged exposure.
  • Freeze/thaw cycles. Many substrates can crack when water is absorbed, freezes and then expands. LP SmartSide trim and siding products include special waxes to minimize water infiltration and cracking.
  • LP SmartSide products are treated with SmartGuard, featuring zinc borate that resists termite damage even in the jungles of Hawaii.

Stands Strong Against the Elements

For the last two decades, LP SmartSide products have demonstrated exceptional performance in both laboratory and real-world conditions. We back them with an industry-leading LP® SmartSide® 5/50 Limited Warranty, one of the most competitive warranties on the market. You can be confident that your home will be protected, even in the harshest of environments. Find a remodeler near you who installs LP SmartSide products!

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