AIA’s Top Five Home Trends

The American Institute for Architects (AIA) has released its predictions for changes in building design for the next decade. In the survey of over 500 architects, the AIA has identified some major changes expected on the horizon for home design. According to the survey results, covered by the Wall Street Journal, this new generation of buyers will have different preferences from the previous generations. According to the survey results, the answers indicate that young homeowners are not looking for futuristic homes, but instead for homes they can feel good about living in.

These homes of the next decade will need to be reliable, livable homes that are less about the upgrades and more about the environmental impact. Many of the anticipated trends have a direct tie to the features and benefits of LP's products.

1. Disaster-Resistant Designs: Natural disasters, extreme weather, and flooding are something no homeowner hopes to face. Builders can help ease buyers’ worries by building using LP FlameBlock Fire-rated OSB Sheathing that provides a level of fire resistance and thermal barrier protection.

2. Healthy Building Materials: Younger generations are notably interested in health-conscious, chemical-free products, and their homes are no exception. An overall trend is building with more natural materials like wood to provide non-toxic living environments. LP uses SFI-certified forest management systems, which help promote reforestation and soil conservation, and maintain water quality, fish and wildlife habitats.

3. Smart Home Automation: With a desire to curb costs, younger buyers are anticipated to gravitate toward smart home automation. This could include adjusting temperature and lighting, or engaging security systems via a smart phone.

4. Designs Catering to an Aging Population: This trend is aimed at letting homeowners stay in their homes longer. This means catering to baby boomers’ renovation needs and finding long-term housing solutions, a trend that LP is already prepared to help builders and homeowners meet.

5. Energy-Efficient Designs: In the new home construction sector, this new generation of homeowners is concerned with being energy efficient. Builders can meet these needs by using products like LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing to reduce the homeowner’s energy costs and improve sustainability, which helps builders qualify for Green Building credits.

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