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LP® SmartSide® Product Line Now Available on the HOVER 3D Platform

3D technology continues to shake up the construction industry in exciting ways, and now this innovation is changing the way contractors and homeowners choose LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products. Thanks to a new partnership with HOVER, LP is making it easier than ever for remodeling contractors to grow their business by allowing them to display customized house siding designs on a smartphone.


In the past, contractors have struggled to help homeowners visualize what their completed siding project will look like and keep them engaged throughout the sales process. With Hover, contractors who install LP SmartSide siding can show a homeowner the result before the project even starts and close the sale more effectively. Once sold, the contractor can use the HOVER platform's comprehensive measurements to create a material list - shaving off an average of two hours spent on every project.

hover 3d platform

How HOVER Works

The HOVER platform transforms smartphone photos of any home into a fully measured, customizable 3D model. Thousands of exterior contractors are using HOVER to put together accurate estimates and show homeowners what different materials and siding and shutter color combinations will look like on their house.

  1. Sign up at or download the HOVER app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Take 8 photos of any home with the app. Walk around and capture a photo of each face and corner of the property.
  3. Select different siding profiles and combinations of exterior paint colors to change the exterior of the house within seconds.
  4. You receive an email with a 3D model and comprehensive measurements.

With HOVER, you can explain clearly to your prospect where your measurements are coming from and why the project will cost a certain amount. No more guessing and no more imagining.

Measure Less, Close More With HOVER

By using HOVER, you enable homeowners to confidently decide on the look of their home so you can get on to finishing another remodeling project. Visit to learn more about HOVER, or view an intro video of the service.